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  1. Enter your email address below (the one that your provided us with for your membership);
  2. Click on the Reset Password button;
  3. Your will receive an automated email from us with your new password;
  4. Login using your email address and this new password;
  5. Go to your Profile and change your password (hopefully to one that you can remember – if not store it in a safe place).

How to reset your Abyss Member’s Password:

  1. Please enter the email address that you have registered with us in the form below and click on Reset Password. A new random password will be sent to that email address;
  2. Once you receive your new details, login to the site using them;
  3. Then go to the Abyss Members menu and select Profile (see right);
  4. Enter the new password that you wish to have in both the Password and Repeat Password boxes (see illustration below) then click on the Update button at the bottom of the Profile.

Abyss Member Password Reset:


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